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Engine Lifts - KD 1500

Engine Lifts - KD 1500
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Engine Lifts - KD 1500
 Towable Models:

KD Lifts use a swivel slip hook at the end of the boom.
Short Column post converts any standard Lift to a Van Lift.
Engine Sling-adjustable, plated proof coil change. Cap. 1250 Lbs.

Van Lifts
The 1500 SL and 1200 SL Van Lifts with longer boom (62 inches on the 1200 SL) and lower column post (47 1/2 inches) let users remove engines from the front as well as through the side door.

The Tip Tow 10 is perfect for situations where long reach and high lift are required. Boom hooks can be raised to a full 10 feet, making it the ideal lift for jacked-up 4x4's, boat engines (even on trailers) and airplane engines. The unique gooseneck design lets users reach into engine compartments without touching the surrounding structure.

Non-towable versions of the Tip Tow lifts are available as shop lifts. They have the same quality features as the Towables, but without the towing wheels, spindles and coupler. These lifts are perfect for shops, warehouses, plants, or any location where towing capability is not required.

Shop Lifts Approx. 40 Lbs. less than comparable towable models.

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Specifications | Features

KD 1500 Product Specifications

Capacity1500 lbs.
Carton Size9" x 20" x 72"
Shipping Weight279 lbs.
  • Engineered to exacting specifications with a slow release valve that lets the load down slowly and gently
  • Internal pressure relief valve prevents damage if the load exceeds rated capacity
  • Chrome-plated ram resists seal damaging rust and corrosion.
  • Rebuildable and easy to service
ApplicationsICF Industries lifts are an industry classic valued by racing teams, machine shops, hobbyists, rental stores and a wide range of industrial buyers for dependable performance in a broad range of challenging applications.

KD 1500 Features


Durable, versatile, and easy to use, ICF Industries' knockdown lifts offer unparalleled features and performance.

Leg and column post sockets are sized for precision fit, making the lifts stable and easy to assemble, while interchangeable parts offer versatility and convenience.

The hook on the end of the boom turns 360 degrees, making it easy to pick up, load, and reposition objects.


ICF Industries knockdown lifts can be taken apart in minutes making them easy to transport. They fit easily in a car trunk, a pickup truck or an elevator. On site, the lift assembles quickly and fits wherever it is needed. They go wherever the job is-backyard, shop, warehouse, office tower or construction site. For extra ease and portability, all parts of the Knockdown lifts can be moved in the wheeled Kaddy, which enables easy handling by one person, and is narrow enough to fit through a 20 inch opening.

Towable lifts can be hitched to any truck/SUV equipped with a 2-1/8" ball tow hitch.


ICF Industries lifts handle some of the costliest engines in the world, and a host of other products and materials too, ranging from pianos to hospital equipment, building supplies and material.

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