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Press Brake and Forming Services

Press Brake and Forming Services

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Press Brake and Forming Services

From simple brackets and signboards to complex metal housings, we specialize in offering press brake forming services for a wide range of sheet metal fabrications. We can bend everything from structural components to highly cosmetic panels using our hydraulic and mechanical press brakes.

Our fleet of hydraulic press brakes and other forming equipment enables us to perform offline programming, automatically calculate bend sequence, and set up plans customized to workshop requirements.

A standard range of V-shaped, plus channel-shaped dies and punches are used for producing parts with distinct shapes. We also use custom fabricated dies to produce unique precision formed parts. With standard as well as custom tooling capabilities, we can form parts into round, square, rectangle, and other complex shapes.


Press Brake and Forming Services

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Press Brake and Forming Services


In 2013 we added a Trumpf TruBend 5130 with many exciting accessories. Some of these accessories include; 6 CNC-controlled backsop axis, die space/stroke extension +230 mm, hydraulic upper tool clamping, CNC crowning, BendGuard with block laser, 2 support arms, optical setup and positioning aid and mobile control.

 Press Brake and Forming Services

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In 2015 we added a Bystronic Xpert 40 press brake. This press brake is capable of 44 US tons with a bending length of 3.4 feet and an open height 22.4 inches. it has a speed of 11.8 inches per second. This brake is very effecient and precise allowing us to not only make parts faster but make them more precise as wel.
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Press Brake and Forming Capabilities

Industries Served

We have used our press brake machines and forming capabilities for projects within a variety of industries including:

  • Radiator / Heat Exchanger
    • Cars and Trucks
  • Lawn Care
    • Lawnmower decks for ZTR mowers
    • Misc. sheet metal parts/brackets
  • Healthcare
    • Wheelchair assist platforms
    • Supply cabinets
  • Military Use
    • Radiator mounts for off-road use
  • Stored Energy Applications
    • Motorcycle, ATV and Off-Road vehicle battery boxes
  • Artistic Elements
    • Playground Art (Cut outs)
    • Screen Layouts
    • Plaques and Signs
  • Engine Lifts
Materials Used

ICF Industries specializes in forming sheet metal including:

  • Mild Steel - thicknesses up to 0.800"
  • Stainless Steel - thicknesses up to 0.625"
  • Aluminum - thicknesses up to 0.375"
Production Volume Press brake and forming can be used in high volume sheet metal production runs as well as single thin metal parts. Please contact ICF Industries with any order size. We deal with all types of orders, from prototypes and single pieces to full production runs.
Secondary and Finishing Operations

ICF Industries provides a variety of auxilliary services with forming sheet metal including:

We can perform a variety of finishing operations including:

In-House Equipment
  • Trumpf TruBend V5130 w/ 3D Offline programming
  • Bystronic Xpert 40 w/ 3D offline programming
  • Amada HDS 1303NT - 10 ft x 143 Ton
  • Trumpf TruBend V5085 w/ 3D Offline programming
  • Amada RG-80 - 6-ft x 88 Ton
  • Amada RG-80 - 8 ft x 88 Ton
  • Cincinnati CB-135 - 12 ft x 135 Ton
  • Amada 8024 - 8' press brake 80 Ton
  • Accupress
  • Verson 4-ft x 15 Ton
  • Di-Acro 14 ga x 12" manual roller
  • Americon ¼" x 4' power roller
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