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ICF Industries creates custom cold-rolled steel cabinets for a variety of applications within the telecom industry, chemical industry, medical and laboratory settings and any other usage. All our cabinets are entirely customized, from size and shape to number of doors, shelves and other access ports. All hardware is customized as well as paint and finish. Please fill out our Custom Cabinet RFI and let us know how we can help you.

General Information

With complete sheet metal fabrication capabilities, we manufacture metal cabinets, chassis, and enclosures in custom shapes, designs, as well as sizes. Our custom cabinets are widely used in healthcare, automotive, and military applications.

ICF Industries specializes in fabricating telecom cabinets from durable carbon steel sheets. Outdoor telecom cabinets can be fabricated and assembled with compressors that protect internal electronic components from extreme temperatures. Our custom telecom cabinets feature lockable front & back doors, collar studs, back panels, and multiple racks.

We also manufacture custom cabinets for housing inverters, servo stabilizers, networking equipment, and hazardous materials. These cabinets can be manufactured from mild steel, aluminum, or stainless steel materials. Custom fabricated cabinets can be plated or powder coated to meet your specific finish requirements.

Large Cabinet

Gateway Cabinet- Multiples

Gateway Cabinet with
Swing-out Track

Double Cabinet with
Side Compressor Unit

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