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ICF Industries, Inc., an Employee-Owned Company as of April 1999, is a Pleasant Hill, Missouri-based metal fabricating job shop. ICF Industries has been serving customers since 1981, but its roots go back over 45 years when Les Garrett, founder and owner, began his first job shop in Kansas City, Missouri. There have been many changes over the years at ICF Industries but one constant is that the company is totally customer-driven. Whatever the customer wants is what we achieve. This formula has been proven over and over again; ICF Industries has been doing business with many of the same customers they began serving in 1981.

ICF Industries started in a 10,000 square foot building in Independence, MO. In 1986 ICF Industries moved to Kansas City, Missouri to a 12,000 square-feet location. An increase in business allowed another expansion back to Independence, MO to that facility of 48,000 square feet in 1991. In December of 2007, the facility moved to Pleasant Hill, MO, almost doubling our space to 89,000 square-feet. In 2013, ICF added on a 30,000 square-feet expansion giving our facility a total of 119,000 square-foot. Included in this new expansion are two additional truck docks and a full size overhead truck door.

We believe this growth is due to our willingness to assist in developing ideas, to improve processes for our customers and the ability to invest in new technology.

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