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ICF Industries specializes in powder coating fabricated sheet metal components ranging from large assemblies to small brackets. Custom fabricated parts can be powder coated in thicknesses ranging from 2 mils to 5 mils. Our powder coating process enhances the aesthetic and corrosion resistance qualities of parts fabricated from stainless steel, aluminum, in addition to other sheet metals.

Our powder coating line allows us to coat sheet metal parts up to 8′ long and 4′ high. The 8-stage wash thoroughly cleans every component prior to coating. The cleaning, rinsing, and chemical pretreatment eliminates residual impurities from metal substrates. This process also aids in enhancing the adhesion and corrosion-resistance properties of metal substrates. Powder coat paint is applied by manual process. A paint thickness detector and gloss meter test the powder coated parts to ensure surface uniformity and gloss. We also assist customers with color matching services to meet specific finishing requirements.

Industries Served

Powder coating metal parts provides excellent corrosion resistance as well as an aesthetically pleasing surface finish. We have powder coated finished metal parts for:

  • Radiator / Heat Exchanger
    – Cars and Trucks
  • Lawn Care
    – Lawnmower decks for ZTR mowers
    – Misc. sheet metal parts/brackets
  • Healthcare
    – Wheelchair assist platforms
    – Supply cabinets
  • Military Use
    – Radiator mounts for off-road use
  • Stored Energy Applications
    – Motorcycle, ATV and Off-Road vehicle battery boxes
  • Artistic Elements
    – Playground Art (Cut outs)
    – Screen Layouts
    – Plaques and Signs
  • Engine Lifts

We can coat metal parts manufactured in-house or we can work with prefabricated parts sent to us. Please give us a call to find out more about our powder coating services.

Material Substrates

We have the ability to powder coat all metal parts including:

  • Stainless Steel – All Grades
  • Aluminum – All Grades
  • Carbon Steel
  • Mild Steel
  • Cold Rolled Steel
  • Grade 50 High Strength Low Alloy Steel

Part Dimensional Limitations

Our new powder coating system allows us to powder coat paint products up to 8′ long x 4′ high x 2′ wide.
Tolerances Powder coat paint is applied by manual process with a standard thickness of 2-4 mils. We can provide 3-5 mils coat thickness if necessary.

Production Volume

Our automated 8 stage washer unit and manual powder coating paint booth is geared for a high production rate but can also be used for single parts and prototypes.

Our current washer was recently upgraded so that it uses oxsilan, which is a green version of zinc phosphate.

It was also upgraded to use RO (Reverse Osmosis) Water system for the cleaning stages.

In-House Equipment

  • Powder Coat Line with 8-stage wash
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