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Amada EMLK 3610NT with ASR Punch/Laser

ICF Industries has one Amada EMLK-3610NT turret punch and hybrid laser combination machine. Amada’s proven servo drive punching system with the reliable hybrid laser featuring a Fanuc 4000-watt resonator, a highly productive, flexible and reliable fabricating machine.

Bystronic BySpeed 3015 CO2

ICF Industries also owns one Bystronic 6KW 2013 BySpeed Pro 3015 laser. This new laser is capable of cutting stainless steel up to 0.75″, mild steel from 0.040″ up to 1″, and aluminum up to 0.625″. Options that were also purchased are a ByTrans extended 3 shelf load/unload system and a Donaldson Torit G-4 dust collector.

Bystronic BySprint 3015 Fiber

ICF Industries also owns one Bystronic 6KW 2013 BySprint 3015 Fiber laser. This new laser is capable of cutting stainless steel up to 0.75″, mild steel from 0.040″ up to 1″, and aluminum up to 0.625″. Options that were also purchased are a ByTrans extended 3 shelf load/unload system. This fiber laser is capable of cutting material less than 0.120″ at over 200% faster than similar CO2 lasers.

ICF Industries handles all types of custom sheet metal laser cut projects from brackets and platforms to artistic cutouts and signs. We create single and prototype parts or can provide full production volume metal components and assemblies in several material types.

ICF Industries fabricates laser cut sheet metal parts and assemblies. We have a team of engineers on staff to assist our customers with parts from concept to completion. We can create drawings and 2D or 3D model files for our customers’ review before production.

Industries Served

At ICF Industries, we serve 70-80 unique customers in a variety of industries including:

  • Radiator / Heat Exchanger
    – Cars and Trucks
  • Lawn Care
    – Lawnmower decks for ZTR mowers
    – Misc. sheet metal parts/brackets
  • Healthcare
    – Wheelchair assist platforms
    – Supply cabinets
  • Military Use
    – Radiator mounts for off-road use
  • Stored Energy Applications
    – Motorcycle, ATV and Off-Road vehicle battery boxes
  • Artistic Elements
    – Playground Art (Cut outs)
    – Screen Layouts
    – Plaques and Signs

We will work on any sheet metal project that our customers can come up with. Please contact us for more information on how ICF Industries can help you with your custom laser cut sheet metal fabrications.

Materials Used

At ICF Industries, we specialize in sheet metal fabrications using:

  • Stainless Steel- All Grades
  • Carbon Steel
  • Mild Steel
  • Cold Rolled Steel
  • HSLA Grade 50 Steel
  • All Other Steel Alloys
  • Aluminum – All Grades
  • Brass – All Alloys
  • Copper – All Alloys
  • Nickel and Nickel Alloys

Part Dimensional Limitations

Our Bystronic BySpeed 3015 CO2 and BySprint 3015 Fiber lasers hold metal sheets as large as 5 ft x 10 ft. and can cut through a variety of metals with ease. We can cut:

  • Mild Steel – Up to 0.800″ thick sheet
  • Stainless Steel – Up to 0.625″ thick sheet
  • Aluminum – Up to 0.375″ sheet


Our laser cutting centers can cut steel, stainless steel and aluminum with +/-0.005″ repeatability.

Production Volume: Our in-house lasers can cut at rates over 500 inches per minute. We deal with all types of orders, from prototypes and single pieces to full production runs.

Advantages of Laser Cutting

There are several advantages to laser cutting parts as opposed to more traditional CNC punching. First, there is little or no burr created on a laser cut part. Therefore, a significant amount of time will be saved filing and grinding parts. Second, there are no tools to purchase or setup to run the job. Changing from 16 gauge cold rolled steel to 7 gauge stainless steel is as easy as changing a few parameters in the laser computer.

Secondary and Finishing Operations

Due to the laser cutting process, deburring or cleaning of the finished part is not necessary due to the clean cut and lubricant-free environment.

We can provide a variety of finishing services to turn your laser cut sheet metal into a completed part. These auxiliary services include:

  • Powder Coating
  • Welding
  • Forming
  • Assembly Services
  • Labeling and Silk Screening
  • Zinc and Chromate Plating

In-House Equipment

  • Bystronic 2013 BySpeed Pro 3015 6000 Watt Laser
  • Bystronic BySprint 3015 Fiber 6000 Watt Laser
  • Amada EMLK 3610NT with ASR Punch/Laser – 30 Ton Capacity/4,000 Watt Laser
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